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Project Description

The 8th Precinct Police Station was located on Grand River Ave and McNichols in Detroit, Michigan.  The 8th Precinct Police Station was built around 1950.  The 8th Precinct Police Station was originally the 16th Precinct Police Station, but changed to the 8th Precinct in the 1980’s after several Detroit police stations closed and the Detroit Police Department had to rename the stations that remained.  The 8th Precinct Police Station had over a dozen jail cells in two different blocks where prisoners were kept.  One of the blocks was for maximum-security offenders and the other was for low-security offenders.  There was also an intake room with a fingerprint machine and a mugshot screen.  The front lobby was the largest room, complete with a main desk and seats for visiting.  The administration offices, detective offices, and locker rooms were all located upstairs on the second floor.  The firing range, used for target practice, was located in the basement.  The 8th Precinct Police Station was in the news in 2010, as it was involved in a bribery scheme with one of former-mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick’s former aids.  In was in the news again in 2013, as plans to demolish the former 8th Precinct Police Station came into action.

In 2015, the 8th Precinct Police Station was finally demolished.