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Project Description

Apostolic Faith Church of Love was built in 1922 and was located at 12045 Rosa Parks Boulevard (12th Street) at the corner of Monterey Street, on Detroit’s west side. Apostolic Faith Church of Love was originally a bank, but was converted into a church in the 1970’s. Apostolic Faith Church of Love was a small, one-story structure that was designed in Greek Revival architectural style. The exterior of the Apostolic Faith Church of Love was a yellow façade, made of plaster, wood, and stone. The façade featured a colonnade of stone columns that separated each set of windows and lined the entire exterior of the church. An intricate, blue-ish colored pilaster served at the crown piece for each of the stone columns. Above each of the pilasters on the columns, there was circular, stone designs that added an extra appeal to the church’s façade. Each set of window on the exterior of Apostolic Faith Church of Love featured a small, wooden-border and a star-like design on the windows. The most prominent features of the exterior was the stone-bordered, arched-doorway that was the church’s main entrance. Although the stone cornice was nearly flat, a massive, stone eagle statue served as the main entrance centerpiece. The eagle statue overlooked the entire front of the church.

In 2005, Apostolic Faith Church of Love closed and has been abandoned ever since.

As of 2015, the Apostolic Faith Church of Love still sits abandoned. There are no current plans for the abandoned church.

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