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Project Description

Apostolic Refuge Temple was built in 1965 and was located at 17801 Van Dyke Avenue near the corner of Iowa Street, on Detroit’s far east side. Apostolic Refuge Temple was founded in 2004 and occupied the building until the church closed. It was a church before it was the Apostolic Refuge Templebut there is no records of the actual name of the former church. Apostolic Refuge Temple was a tan, small, one-story building that was designed in modern style architecture. The façade of Apostolic Refuge Temple featured interesting, stone-block designs on the front of the building’s exterior, with the rest of the façade featured gray concrete, tan cinderblocks, and yellow/brown bricks. Apostolic Refuge Temple had a small, rectangular floor plan that consisted of offices, classrooms, and the sanctuary. Apostolic Refuge Temple was founded and run by Pastor Lee Evans.

In 2011, Apostolic Refuge Temple closed for good.  Shortly after closing it’s doors, Apostolic Refuge Temple was broken into and scrapped of all metal and values.  Within a year, the entire building was blown wide-open as the windows and doors came up missing.

As of 2015, Apostolic Refuge Temple still sits abandoned.  There are no current plans for the abandoned church or the property.

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