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Project Description

The Capitol Square Building was originally built as the Bamlet Building in 1897 and was located at 1265 Griswold Street at the corner of Grand River Avenue in Detroit’s Capitol Park District, located downtown Detroit.  The Bamlet Building was designed by the architectural firm Spier & Rohns in a Classic-Revival style look.  The beautiful red brick, six-story structure actually curves around the street corner and features an intricate cornice.  The Bamlet Building was named after Frank Bamlet, the man who was responsible for building the structure on his property.  The Bamlet Building housed both retail and office space.

The Bamlet Building was sold in 1931 and became the Capital Square Building.  The Capitol Square Building housed dental offices, financial investment companies, real estate companies, architectural firms, and even a college.  The Capitol Square Building did very well over the years and remained at near full capacity until the neighborhood began to change.

By the 1980’s, the Capitol Park District had become a “hot-spot” for drugs, prostitution, and crime.  The tenants of the Capitol Square Building began to slowly move out one by one.

In 1985, the last tenant left the Capitol Square Building and it was completely abandoned.  The Capitol Square Building stayed largely in-tact thanks to the extra security measures that were installed in the building, mainly the loudest alarm system ever.

In 2013, Quicken Loans Giant, Mr. Dan Gilbert had purchased the vacant building.

In 2014, work was underway to renovate the Capitol Square Building into a music school.

In 2015, the Detroit Institute for Music Education opened.