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Project Description

The Bargain Prices Building was built in 1926 and was located at 9117 Grand River Avenue near the corner of Joy Road, on Detroit’s west side.  The Bargain Prices Building was a four-story brick building with limestone bordering around the first floor and cornice.  The building was used as the headquarters for Bargain Prices, which was a company that made and sold everyday house-hold items.  Bargain Prices used the upper floors for manufacturing and storage of these items.  The first floor was then used for retail and sale of these items.  The Bargain Prices Building would be known as a “dollar store” in today’s society.  Bargain Prices was one of the first “dollar stores” in Detroit.

As of 2015, the Bargain Prices Building still stands abandoned and badly deteriorating.  There are no current plans to renovate or demolish the building.