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Project Description

Barton Nursing Home were actually two buildings combined to make one big nursing center.  Both of the buildings were built around 1950 and they were located at 722 and 716 East Grand Boulevard at the corner of Goethe Street, on Detroit’s lower east side.  Barton Nursing Home was a skilled nursing center that offered short-term and long-term care for the elderly and aging population.  Barton Nursing Home was a residential assisted living-care facility that specialized in gerontology.  It seems that Barton Nursing Home did fairly well over the years as they started out at just one of the homes ad eventually grew large enough to where they purchased the home next door as well.  Barton Nursing Home managed to stay afloat even through the “white flight” from Detroit into the suburbs after the 1967 Detroit riots and the decline of the surrounding neighborhood.

By 2000, Barton Nursing Home was either purchased by another nursing company or a new management company came in, but Barton Nursing Home was changed to New Detroit Nursing Center.  New Detroit Nursing Center did not experience the same sustainability as Barton Nursing Home.  Patients began to complain of inadequate care and subpar services.  When suspected abuse became an issues, patients at New Detroit Nursing Center began to leave for other nursing homes and admissions drastically decreased.  New Detroit Nursing Center was on the verge of shutting down operations and closing.

In 2010, New Detroit Nursing Center filed for bankruptcy and closed their doors for good.  New Detroit Nursing Center was quickly broken into and was scrapped for any metals and other valuables.

As of 2015, the former Barton Nursing Home still sits abandoned.  With both of the buildings in complete shambles, it is highly unlikely that anything will ever happen with the buildings.  There are no current plans for the property.

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