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Project Description

Brewer Recreation Center was built in 1927 and was originally named St. Clair Community Center.  Brewer Recreation Center was located at 4535 Fairview Street near the corner of East Warren Avenue, on Detroit’s east side.  Brewer Recreation Center was connected to Joy Middle School, as the students from Joy Middle School would often walk over to Brewer Recreation Center and use the swimming pool and larger gymnasium.  Brewer Recreation Center was a long ranch-style, two-story brick design by architect Ronald Carey. Brewer Recreation Center featured a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a boxing ring, an auditorium, classrooms, and a beautiful ornate copper roof .  The Brewer Recreation Center was named after Mr. Clarence Brewer.  Clarence Brewer was a longtime advocate for inner-city recreational activities and he eventually became the head of the Detroit Recreation Department (DRD).

In 2006, the connected Joy Middle School was closed, which in turn sealed the fate of Brewer Recreation Center as well.  In 2006, just a few months after Joy Middle School was closed, Brewer Recreation Center closed for good.  When Brewer Recreation Center closed, the large copper roof was the first target of the scrappers.

By 2008, Brewer Recreation Center and Jot Middle School were both completely blown wide-open by scrappers. Brewer Recreation Center had lost it’s copper roof, the windows, the doors, and most of the other metals from inside the rec center.

In 2010, Brewer Recreation Center had become a huge eye-sore and was demolished.  Joy Middle School had already been demolished in 2009.

As of 2015, a large empty field sits where Brewer Recreation Center and Joy Middle School used to be.  There are no current plans to redevelop the property.

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