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Project Description

Calvary Presbyterian Church was built in 1916 at 8240 Grand River Avenue, at the corner of Vicksburg Street, on Detroit’s west side.  Calvary Presbyterian Church had many parishioners and realizing it’s location was getting outgrown, the church built an addition onto the church in 1932.  With the new addition of Sunday-School classrooms, a kitchen, pastor’s offices,  and other space, the attendance at Calvary Presbyterian Church had reached over 1,700 parishioners by 1940.

Calvary Presbyterian Church continued to hover around 1,500 parishioners throughout the 1950’s and into the 1960’s.  Calvary Presbyterian Church was located within close proximity to the site of the infamous 1967 riots in Detroit.  After the riots, the neighborhood around Calvary Presbyterian began to change drastically.  Families that one attended the neighborhood church, began to flee to the suburbs in record numbers.  Calvary Presbyterian Church was able to hold on through the 1970’s, but by the end of the 1980’s, Calvary Presbyterian realized the need to be closer to the suburbs.  Calvary Presbyterian Church finally moved its ministry to a new location, in 1991, near 8 Mile Road.

Calvary Presbyterian Church then became The Abundant Life Christian Center.  The Abundant Life Christian Center operated the building for a about a decade before they moved to a new building in Redford.  After Abundant Life Christian Center moved,  Greater Faith for Deliverance Church moved in.

Greater Faith for Deliverance Church occupied the location until 2009, when a fire broke out and caused heavy smoke and water damage to the sanctuary.  While the congregation waited for insurance money to come through to fix the building, scrappers began to loot the structure, stealing pipes, radiators, and even the stained glass windows.  So due to unfortunate circumstances, the Greater Faith for Deliverance Church has been abandoned since 2009.

As of 2015, the former Calvary Presbyterian Church is still abandoned and has been wide-open since the front doors were scrapped in 2012.


Calvary Presbyterian Church in 2011:


Calvary Presbyterian Church in 2012: