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Project Description

The Capitol Park Building was built in 1912 and was located at 1145 Griswold Street at the corner of State Street in downtown Detroit’s Capitol Park district. The Capitol Park Building and Capitol Park are named in reference to the former location of Michigan’s first state capitol building. The Capitol Park Building is an eleven-story gem built with a beautiful dark-brick fa├žade that curves around the street corner. The Capitol Park Building is designed in Chicago School architecture and mixed with Beaux Arts decorative pattern designs.

The Capitol Park Building was built as a retail and office building, with the retail on the first floor and office space on the upper floors. The Capitol Park Building was originally home to the grocery chain of Peter Smith & Sons Company (as is painted on the back of the building). Then the Capitol Park Building was home to American State Bank and T.B. Rayl’s Hardware Company. The Capitol Park Building was also home to an architectural firm, an investment company, a dentist, a boutique, a liquor store, and most notably the “White Room Studios” recording rooms. The “White Room Studios” recoding rooms were located in the Capital Park Building above the building’s mezzanine. Famous Detroit musicians recorded their studio sessions here, Kid Rock being the most famous. Aretha Franklin, Eminem and D12, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bob Seger also recorded music here. The Capital Park Building did very well over the years and stayed at near full occupancy for most of the early par of the century. Unfortunately, when Detroit took a turn for the worst, tenants began leaving the building one by one and eventually only a few would remain.

In 2009, the liquor store one the first floor was the last tenant finally leave the Capitol Park Building and it became abandoned. All of the office space on the upper floors had already been vacated. The Capitol Park Building was eventually boarded up and sealed tight which is how it would remain for the next several years.

As of 2016, work crews have started renovating the Capitol Park Building, as it is undergoing renovations to turn the once-abandoned building into luxury lofts, respectfully called “The Capitol Park Lofts.”

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