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Project Description

The Cass Plaza building was built in 1924, in an Italian Renaissance style by architects Pollmar & Ropes.  Cass Plaza was originally named Noami Apartments, but changed to Cass Plaza around the 1950’s when it was sold to a new owner.  Cass Plaza was located at 3550 Cass Ave, at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., in Detroit’s Cass Corridor.  The location of Cass Plaza in the Cass Corridor certainly didn’t help the building any.  Detroit’s Cass Corridor neighborhood was synonymous with drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and violence.  The Cass Plaza was no expception to the rule.  It fell victim to the enviornment that surrounded the building and was left abandoned in 1968.  Cass Plaza has been abandoned ever since.  It is currently one of the longest-standing abandoned buildings in the neighborhood.

In 2016, Rhode Construction Company began to clean-up the former building, both on the inside and outside.  They are brining the Cass Plaza back to life and making new residential apartments.  They are spending $17 million on the project that will renovate the former Cass Plaza and The Davenport Apartments, which are located directly behind Cass Plaza.