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Jane Cooper Elementary School was built in 1920 and was located at Georgia Street, between Helen Street and Concord Street, on Detroit’s east side.  Jane Cooper Elementary School was named after Mrs. Jane Cooper, who was an American poet ad writer.  Jane Cooper Elementary School was a light brick, limestone, two and a half story structure, with beautiful Pewabic Pottery-tiled designs above the main entrances of the school.  Jane Cooper Elementary School was part of the Detroit Public School system.  Jane Cooper Elementary School was built, in part, for children with tuberculosis and featured “open air” classrooms.  Jane Cooper Elementary School was a popular school of choice among parents in the surrounding neighborhoods.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Jane Cooper Elementary School had an average enrollment of about 1,200 students.  Alumni and former students of Jane Cooper Elementary School were known as the “Cooper Cougars,” as their mascot was a cougar.

By the 1970’s, the neighborhood was in severe decline.   By 1980, many of the neighborhood homes were demolished.  Only empty fields now surrounded the ill-fated school.  By the 1990’s, the school seemed to be located in the middle of nowhere, as it was now all alone in a neighborhood that was once busy and bustling.   By 2006, enrollment was down to just 430 students and Jane Cooper Elementary was in serious trouble.  Jane Cooper Elementary School was closed in 2007.

After Jane Cooper Elementary School was closed in 2007, it was heavily scrapped and was left wide open for anyone to enter.  When people came to Jane Cooper Elementary School, they saw once-beautiful school was now in shambles.  Detroit Public Schools had closed the school and left everything behind.  All of the school’s furnishings, fixtures, supplies, desks, textbooks, and students records were left behind and in plain sight of anyone who wished to enter the school.  As dETROITfUNK coined, “The rape of Jane Cooper Elementary School” caught the eyes and ears of local media who did a report on the school.  Detroit Public Schools was forced to do something, and their answer would soon lead to them using the Vacant Property Security (VPS) to try and protect their vacant schools.  It was too late for Jane Cooper Elementary School, but Detroit Public Schools used VPS on other schools in an effort to try to prevent them from having another Jane Cooper on their hands.  Obviously, it was short-lived.

Jane Cooper Elementary School was demolished in 2010.

As of 2015, an empty field sits where Jane Cooper Elementary School used to be.

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