Dearborn City Hall – Dearborn, Michigan

//Dearborn City Hall – Dearborn, Michigan
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Project Description

The Dearborn City Hall was built in 1921 and was located at 13615 Michigan Avenue at the corner of Schaefer Road in Dearborn, Michigan. The Dearborn City Hall was a two-story red-brick and stone structure that was designed in American Colonial architectural style. The main entrance of the Dearborn City Hall was bordered in stone Tuscan-columns and featured an intricate, stone balustrade that sat above the doorway. The cornice of Dearborn City Hall featured gorgeous dentils and the roof was lined with small, half-circle windows where the attic was located. The most prominent feature of Dearborn City Hall was the beautiful cupola-dome that served as the building’s crown jewel and centerpiece. Adorning the front of the dome was a large clock that served as the timepiece for anybody walking in the area. The interior of the Dearborn City Hall featured a spiral-staircase with iron hand-rails that went all the way up to the building’s dome. The lobby, hallway, and offices featured terrazzo, marble, and granite details. The Dearborn City Hall was a fantastic building that was just as gorgeous on the inside as in was on the outside.

In 2014, the near 100 year-old Dearborn City Hall closed its doors and moved to a new location that was near the other municipal buildings. Shortly after closing, plans were underway to convert the former Dearborn City Hall into art space and lofts.

As of 2015, renovations are near completion and the art space/lofts are scheduled to open in early 2016.