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Project Description

The Delmar was an apartment building that was built in 1925 and were located at 17111 Second Avenue at the corner of West McNichols Road in Detroit’s Palmer Park neighborhood, on the city’s northwest side.  The Delmar was actually built directly on the border of Detroit and Highland Park, Michigan.  The Delmar apartment building was a gorgeous structure that was designed by architect Harry Pelavin in a Georgian-Revival style.  The Delmar Apartments is a four-story, dark-brick structure that is trimmed in limestone bordering throughout the exterior.  The Delmar apartment building’s roofline contains diamond-shaped, limestone-ornaments with more limestone-garland designs directly below the cornice.  The interior lobby of the Delmar was just a beautiful as the building’s façade.  The lobby featured supporting arched-columns and entrances, as well as ornate plaster detail that included colored-shields along the molding.  The Delmar was considered luxurious living at the time of the building’s completion, but the neighborhood surrounding the Delmar began to drastically change…..for the worst.

By 1990, the Delmar had been converted into low-income and subsidized housing.  The one-time elegant building had sadly become a product of the environment.

In 2006, the Delmar was finally closed down and all of the tenants were forced to leave.

As of 2016, the Delmar is still abandoned and continuing to decay.  Even though Palmer Park has gotten a lot of redevelopment and renovations lately, there are still no plans for any redevelopment, renovation, or demolition of the former Delmar.


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