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Project Description

The Detroit Fire Department built Engine 48 in 1924.  Engine 48 was located at 644 South Bayside Street at the corner of Sanders Street, on Detroit’s southwest side in the Oakwood Heights neighborhood.  Engine 48 was built in to assist fire and paramedic services to the southwest Detroit and Oakwood Heights neighborhood.  Engine 48 was a small, two-story, brick structure with limestone details and accents.  The exterior of Engine 48 featured a mostly red-brick façade with a limestone-bordered garage door for the fire engines to pull in and out of.  The garage door also featured a pair of large, original, wooden-French doors that would open up for the fire engines to enter and leave.  The front roofline of the red-brick façade featured a limestone-cornice that peaked in the center of the building’s exterior.  In the middle of the limestone block that served as the roofline ornament was a clock that overlooked the garage doors of the fire station.  The clock was removed some years ago, so now a circular hole sits in the middle of the limestone block and roofline.  Engine 48 of the Detroit Fire Department was a gorgeous building and it would go on to serve Detroit for almost 60 years.

In 1980, Engine 48 of the Detroit Fire Department was closed down due to budget cuts and a city-wide restructuring of the fire department.  Although it was eventually purchased by a private owner, Engine 48 would never re-open again.

In 2012, Engine 48 was completely gutted by a large fire that destroyed the entire building and sealing it’s fate.

In 2014, Engine 48 was finally demolished.

As of 2015, the property continues to sit vacant.  There are no current plans for the property.

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