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Project Description

Detroit Hope Hospital was located at 801 Virginia Park in the New Center Neighborhood in Detroit.  Detroit Hope Hospital was originally opened in 1952 as a small in-house clinic called Park Community Hospital.  In 1969-1970, they rebuilt the front of the building to a modern 4-story structure to serve its growing clientele.  The 4-story modern structure would stay through multiple decades, many hospital closures, several different owners, and even a few name changes.  In 1984 the hospital added operating rooms and it became known as New Center Hospital.  In the 1990’s, New Center Hospital was privately bought by a doctor from the suburbs and he changed the name to Renaissance Hospital.  Renaissance Hospital did not last long however, as it was run into the ground, bankrupt, and was forced to close it’s doors in 1999.  It remained closed for several years and finally opened for the last time in 2005.  Renaissance Hospital then became Detroit Hope Hospital, which again didn’t last long and closed for good in 2009.  Detroit Hope Hospital had a lone security guard that would keep a close-eye (very close, as we personally found out a few times) on the vacant property.

In late 2012, the security guard made his final round as scrappers (and us urban explorers) began to lick their lips.  It took a few different trips, but on one cold day, we found the back door open and made a cautious entry only to find out that scrappers had already began to work the building’s basement.

In 2014, Detroit Hope Hospital was demolished.

As of 2015, an empty lot sits where Detroit Hope Hospital once stood so proud and tall.  There are no current plans for the property.


Detroit Hope Hospital in 2012:


Detroit Hope Hospital in 2013: