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Project Description

East Grand Nursing Home built around 1910 (addition in 1962) and was located at 130 East Grand Boulevard near the corner of East Jefferson Avenue, on Detroit’s lower east side. East Grand Nursing Home was originally built in 1910 as a private residence. In 1947, the castle-like mansion was converted into an assisted living residence for the elderly. East Grand Nursing Home served the elderly residents of Detroit and helped them with the tasks of daily living. There were doctors and nurses that were located on site to help provide medication and ongoing care to the residents. East Grand Nursing Home was a huge, three-story house that was designed in a Victorian architectural style.

The exterior of East Grand Nursing Home was made of stone masonry, light brick, and featured a sandstone façade. The main entrance into East Grand Nursing Home was a covered-porch area that featured white, columns that lined the entire porch area. The façade of the second-floor, above the main entrance, was made of narrow, flat, sandstone-blocks that also had stone masonry details featured throughout the second-floor façade. The center window of the second-floor featured stone-columns, one on each side of the window, and was also bordered in a stone-arch. The other windows of the second-floor were all rectangular windows and they were also bordered in stone quoins. In between the second-floor windows, there was intricate, stone details of garlands, shields, and curlicues. The third-floor did not have any façade, but the three triangular, peaked, dormer-windows allowed one to see that there was indeed a third floor. The most prominent exterior feature of East Grand Nursing Home was the three towering turrets that extended over the height of the building’s rooftop cornice. The was one turret on each side of the building, and one turret in the front, middle of the building. The front, middle turret was he most recognizable because it was covered in ornate, stone detailing. The cornice of East Grand Nursing Home was flat, and featured a peaked rooftop above the cornicing. The roofline of East Grand Nursing Home actually featured four, separate rooftop peaks (three for the turrets and one for the main section of the house). The exterior of East Grand Nursing Home was extravagant, as it was a beautiful mansion in the early years and an gorgeous elderly home in the later years.

In 1962, East Grand Nursing Home was outgrowing the house and built an addition, which was an adjoining building next to the house. The two buildings were connected by a passageway. The residents were then moved to the addition and the home became mostly administrative. The addition at East Grand Nursing Home was a two-story, brick structure that was designed in a Colonial style architecture. The façade of the building featured a main entrance that was bordered in a white, carved out, curled-style pediment. Each of the exterior windows on both of the floors all were crowned with a white, rectangular pediment and featured white shutters on each side of the window. The cornice of the addition at East Grand Nursing Home was flat, white cornicing that featured square dentils throughout the cornicing. The rooftop of the addition was a flat-style roof. East Grand Nursing Center was known as one of the better assisted living homes throughout the entire Detroit area.

In 2011, East Grand Nursing Home was closed by the State of Michigan after numerous citations were found on an inspection. East Grand Nursing Home had also started to receive complaints from the residents and some of the conditions were subpar. East Grand Nursing Home was eventually bankrupt and was forced to close their doors.

By 2012, East Grand Nursing Home was quickly broken into and was scrapped for any metals and other valuables. It was also in 2012 that an announcement was made that a private investment group was going to purchase the former East Grand Nursing Home and turn it into a transitional home for prisoners that had been released on parole, however, it never happened.

As of 2015, the former East Grand Nursing Home still sits abandoned. There are no current plans for the property.

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