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The Ford Model T Plant was built from 1910-1913 and was located at 91 Manchester Avenue near the corner of Woodward Avenue in Highland Park, Michigan. The Ford Model T Plant was what began the mass production of automobiles on the first ever assembly line. The Ford Model T Plant also was the automobile factory were Henry Ford installed his $5.00 a day work wage. The Ford Model T Plant was located in Highland Park, Michigan. Highland Park is a suburb of Detroit, which is surrounded by Detroit, basically making it an extension of Detroit. Highland Park has suffered from the exact same epidemics as Detroit; such as bankruptcy, corruption, and severe abandonment.

The Model T Plant Headquarters was the administration offices for the entire Ford Motor Company complex. The headquarters was built in 1913 and was designed by Albert Kahn in a Georgian architectural style. The Model T Plant Headquarters was a four-story, red-brick structure that featured beautiful, colorful Pewabic Pottery tiles above each of the windows and around the cornice. The interior of the Model T Plant Headquarters featured a grande staircase made of marble and featured intricate iron railings. The Model T Plant Headquarters also had rare iron and metal fixtures throughout the interior; even the doors and walls were made of precious metals. The “rumor” is that Henry Ford had such an abundance of metals that he built most of the Model T Plant and the Headquarters building in metal.

Until 1973, Ford Motor Company continued to use this plant for building Fordson tractors and tractor parts; as well as processes such as textile production and dying, trim fabrication, machining, production of glass, radiators, roller bearings, wire, and batteries.

In 1981, Ford Motor Company sold the Ford Model T Plant. The former plant served as storage space. The Ford Model T Headquarters was abandoned shortly after Ford Motor Company sold the building in 1981.

As of 2015, the Ford Motel T Plant is still in use as storage space and the Ford Model T Headquarters was purchased by the Woodward Avenue Action Association (WA3) to turn the building into a museum and tourism center. Unfortunately, little work has began on the Ford Motel T Headquarters and it still sits abandoned.

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