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Project Description

Fortschrittsbund Hall was built in 1924 and was located at 3003 Elmwood Street at the corner of Arndt Street, on Detroit’s lower east side. Fortschrittsbund Hall was a two-story, red-brick building that featured stone accents. The façade of Fortschrittsbund Hall featured a stone-bordered main entrance and multiple brick patterns throughout the rest of the façade. Near the top of the façade, in between the second floor windows and the building’s cornice, the were three sets of distinct, concrete, yellow-colored diamonds that gave the exterior of Fortschrittsbund Hall a little extra appeal. The cornice of Fortschrittsbund Hall also featured a set of these concrete-diamond designs that rose above the cornice on a small, brick and concrete-pediment.  On the very top and center of the diamond-designed pediment, there was a small, circular, concrete-ball that overlooked the entrance of the building. The concrete-ball and pediment also served as the building’s exterior centerpiece. The pediment was flanked by two more of the concrete, circular balls; one on each front corner of the building. Fortschrittsbund Hall had a rectangular floor plan that consisted of a sanctuary/auditorium, offices, and meeting rooms.

Fortschrittsbund Hall was the home of the German-Hungarian Progressive Association. Fortschrittsbund Hall served German and Hungarian immigrants, along with the community around the building. Fortschrittsbund Hall was recognized as a community gathering-spot for drinking and for singing traditional folk songs. City Singing Association was also used for meetings, group activities, social gatherings, performances, and for other influences of German and Hungarian cultures. Fortschrittsbund Hall continued to serve the German and Hungarian community of Detroit until it was closed in 1960.

In 1960, the Fortschrittsbund Hall was purchased by the City Singing Association. The City Singing Association used the building as their headquarters to practice their singing and performances. The City Singing Association Headquarters was active for a number of years but was finally closed by 2000.

The City Singing Association Headquarters, or the former Fortschrittsbund Hall, was completely abandoned by 2001. The building never re-opened and continued to deteriorate from the harsh elements.

As of 2015, the former Fortschrittsbund Hall is still abandoned and has deteriorated so badly that it is a danger to enter.  There are no plans to demolish the building, but it needs to be torn down as soon as possible.

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