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Project Description

The Fowler Building was built in 1911 and was located at 1225 Woodward Avenue between Grand River Avenue and State Street, in downtown Detroit. The Fowler Building was a eight-story structure that was designed in Chicago School architectural style by noted-architects Donaldson and Meier.

The façade detail of the Fowler Building was made of gorgeous, white terra cotta and featured a beautiful, intricate curtain-wall. The façade of the Fowler Building featured four exterior terra cotta columns that separated each set of windows and ran vertically down almost the entire length of the building’s exterior. Between the main entrance and third floor, there were three large cut-out blocks where the building’s tenants an advertisements were listed at one time. The cutouts were all surrounded by the white terra cotta bricks, as a long, horizontal row of glass-blocks windows and an giant, green awning were located below the cutouts, but still hovered above the main entrance doorways. Also running the exterior width of the building was horizontal rows of green-metal designed-squares, that featured three squares all with the same design, under each row of windows. A green-metal diamond served as the design in each of the three squares. The most prominent feature of the Fowler Building was the terra cotta cornice that had the word “FOWLER” written directly below it; with a terra cotta torch-like design on each side of the word as well. The Fowler Building was one of many rectangular-shaped buildings that line Woodward Avenue in the heart of downtown Detroit.

The Fowler Building was an office building that consisted of office space and retail space. Tenants of the Fowler Building included a number of different businesses, such as a clothing company and was most notable for being Kline’s Department Store for many years. The Kline’s Department Store occupied the Fowler Building until 1958, when it moved to the Detroit suburbs.

From 1958 until 2000, the Fowler Building was home to a variety of businesses and tenants. The last tenant, JC Beauty Supply, which occupied the first floor, was the last one to leave the Fowler Building in 2002. When JC Beauty Supply left the Fowler Building, the whole building was left abandoned. The Fowler Building has been abandoned since 2002.

As of 2015, the Fowler Building is still abandoned. Recent plans to convert the former building into lofts never got out of the planning stages. There are no current plans to do anything with the abandoned building.

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