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Project Description

The Fredro Theater was built in 1913 at 5325 Chene Street, at the corner of Fredrick Street.  The Fredro Theater was located pretty far from downtown Detroit, but it was built on Chene Street, which housed many of Detroit’s smaller theaters back in those days and had a large Polish audience.  Chene Street was located in the heart of Detroit’s “Pole-Town,” which was Detroit’s Polish neighborhood.  The Fredro Theater was a very small theater, having only one screen and seating no more than 350 people.

In 1940, the theater changed owners and was renamed the King Theater.  In the theaters final days, it was converted into a church.  It has been abandoned since 1999.

As of 2015, the Fredro Theater is still abandoned, although the seats were all scrapped in 2011.  The Fredro Theater has been sealed and cinder-blocked since.  There are no current plans for the abandoned theater.

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