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Project Description

Friendly Missionary Baptist Church was built in 1952 and was located at 13220 Puritan Street between Cheyenne Street and Littlefield Street, on Detroit’s upper east side. Friendly Missionary Baptist Church was a brick, one-story structure that was designed in a Modern architecture style. While the lower façade and main entrance area of the building was a light brick, the upper façade was stone and plaster. The cornicing and outer edges of the church were made of stone and painted red. A red cross was also painted on the exterior in the upper stone and plaster area. Adorning the light brick, lower façade was two glass-block windows that were in the shape of crosses. While the church had been Friendly Missionary Baptist Church for many years before closing, it was originally a church with a different name.

In 2006, Friendly Missionary Baptist Church moved and the church was closed for good. It has been abandoned ever since it closed.

As of 2015, Friendly Missionary Baptist Church is still abandoned. There are no current plans for the building.