Glenville YMCA – Cleveland, Ohio

//Glenville YMCA – Cleveland, Ohio
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Project Description

The Glenville YMCA was built in 1959 at 11111 St. Clair Avenue near the corner of East 112th Street, in Cleveland’s Forrest Hills neighborhood on the city’s north east side. The Glenville YMCA was a two-story, brick structure that was designed in a modern architectural style. The building featured a light-brick façade with a row of rectangular windows to the right of the main entrance doors and a tall, narrow, brick tower to the left of the main entrance doors. The brick tower extended up past the roofline cornice and was the most prominent exterior feature of the Glenville YMCA. Beyond the brick tower, the building had another brick façade area that featured a slanted rooftop. This was the section of the building that housed the swimming pool. The gymnasium was located in the back of the building, behind the front offices that were on the right side. The interior of the Glenville YMCA featured a weight room, gymnasium, swimming pool, classrooms, and administration offices. The lower floor was actually partially underground, as the Glenville YMCA was built on a slight hill.

In the 1980’s, membership at Glenville YMCA was starting to gradually decrease. The Glenville YMCA was struggling to get the younger residents of Cleveland to join the YMCA. Most of the members at Glenville YMCA had been members for many years and/or their families had been members for many years.

In 2005, the Glenville YMCA was finally closed for good. The Glenville YMCA was subsequently vacant, scrapped, and vandalized.

As of 2015, there are no current plans for the abandoned building.

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