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Project Description

God’s Kingdom Church was built around 1913 and was located at 67 Sturtevant Street at the corner of Lincoln Street, in Highland Park. Highland Park is a suburb of Detroit, which is surrounded by Detroit, basically making it an extension of Detroit. Highland Park has suffered from the exact same epidemics as Detroit; such as bankruptcy, corruption, and severe abandonment. God’s Kingdom Church was originally built as a house, but at some point around 1970 it had been transformed into a church. God’s Kingdom Church was a small, one-story church that looked more like house than an actual church. The façade of God’s Kingdom Church was an all red-brick exterior with all white, wooden-bordered windows and doors. God’s Kingdom Church was a small church with a very small congregation.

God’s Kingdom Church opened up in 1997, but it had been several other churches with several other names prior to 1997. God’s Kingdom Church closed around 2011. The reason why the church folded seems to be bankruptcy as the number of parishioners began to diminish as they went to other, larger congregations.

After God’s Kingdom Church closed in 2011, the church was quickly broken into and ransacked of any values. Scrappers began chipping away at the infrastructure and the church’s future looked grim.

By 2015, God’s Kingdom Church was either purchased by another congregation or is still owned by God’s Kingdom Church. The reason is because “someone” has properly sealed and cleaned up the church. It seems as if the church may be on it’s way to re-open. We can only hope that God’s Kingdom Church will be another success story of a building brought back to life.