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Project Description

Greater Detroit Hospital was built in 1968 as North Detroit General Hospital.  North Detroit General Hospital was located at 3105 Carpenter Avenue, between McDougall Street and Gallagher Street, directly on the border of Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan.  North Detroit General Hospital had 265 patient beds, an emergency room, Intensive-Care Unit, Critical-Care Unit, and laboratories.  North Detroit General Hospital was a modern, brick five-story structure that was originally three separate buildings, all across the street from each other.  The buildings were actually all connected to each other by a covered sky-walk that would go across the street and connect to the other building on the third floor.

In 1994, two local doctors bought North Detroit General Hospital and changed the name to Greater Detroit Hospital. Almost immediately the “new” hospital began to have trouble.  One of the doctors tragically died in a car accident, while the other doctor began to embezzle money from Greater Detroit Hospital.  These issues, combined with the pile of “sudden” patient-filed lawsuits and the fact there were reports of inadequate patient care starting to emerge, shut the Greater Detroit Hospital down.  In 1999, the lights were turned off and the doors were locked for good; leaving all equipment, supplies, and records behind.

In 2006, Bridge Academy bought one of the old Greater Detroit Hospital buildings.  Since then, two of the three buildings were renovated and re-purposed for commercial and educational use.  The third building, which was the main building, was left abandoned.

As of 2015, the main building at Greater Detroit Hospital is still abandoned.

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