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Project Description

Hannan Memorial YMCA was built in 1927 at 10401 East Jefferson, at the corner of St. Clair Street, in Detroit’s lower east side.  Hannan Memorial YMCA was named after William Hannan, who was a real estate developer and had owned the property and donated the money for the YMCA to be built.  Hannan Memorial YMCA was designed by Grosse Pointe architect Robert O. Derrick, in a Neo-Classical\Georgian style.  The buildings was a mostly brick, 5- story structure, with a massive copper roof.

In the 1980’s, membership at Hannan Memorial YMCA was starting to gradually decrease.  Hannan Memorial YMCA was struggling to get the younger residents of Detroit to join the YMCA.  Most of the members at Hannan Memorial YMCA had been members for many years and/or their families had been members for many years.  Then one incident changed the whole future of Hanna Memorial YMCA.  One night in the late 1980’s, the night clerk at Hannan Memorial YMCA was murdered by an unknown assailant.  After this tragedy, the membership at Hannan Memorial YMCA had dwindled al the way down to just a handful of regular members left.  It would only hang on for a few more years before closing.

When Hannan Memorial YMCA closed down, it didn’t become abandoned right away.  The City of Detroit sold the building and partnered with the federal government to create the Detroit Job Corps Center.  The Detroit Job Corps Center was established at Hannan Memorial because the former YMCA had spacing for job training, activities, and residential room and board.  When Hannan Memorial YMCA was in use, the City of Detroit noticed the need for the younger people to get involved in something constructive and productive to better their lives and to help keep them out of the street.  The Detroit Job Corps Center was created to help the young people receive employment training and to find a career path.  Unfortunately, the Detroit Job Corps Center didn’t last very long at Hannan Memorial YMCA.

In 1999, after less than a decade, Detroit Job Corps Center left the Hannan Memorial YMCA.  The Detroit Job Corps Center moved to Detroit’s west side, where they are still located today.  Hannan Memorial YMCA was subsequently abandoned and it has remained property of the federal government.

As of 2015, there are no current plans for the abandoned building.

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