Project Description

Herman Kiefer Pavilion #2/JTPA Nursing School was part of the Herman Kiefer Hospital complex in Detroit, Michigan.  The building was originally built as Herman Kiefer Pavilion #2, but was later converted into the JTPA Nursing School.  Herman Kiefer Pavilion #2 was originally part of the Herman Kiefer Hospital complex.   The Herman Kiefer Hospital complex was built from 1905 through 1928.  The Herman Keifer Hospital was a multi-building health complex that was designed to serve patients with tuberculosis and other contagious diseases in the greater-Detroit area.  Located on the Herman Kiefer Hospital complex was the main hospital building, the power house, administration building, and seven pavilions (numbered 1-7).  While the main building at Herman Kiefer was designed by Albert Kahn, the Herman Kiefer Pavilion #2 was designed in a Renaissance-Revival style, by Detroit architect George Mason (along with the administration building, pavilion #1, and pavilion #4).  Herman Kiefer Pavilion #2 was built in 1909 and was located at 8721 John C. Lodge, on the west side of Detroit.  Herman Kiefer Pavilion #2 originally housed patients with contagious diseases (non-tuberculosis).

When Herman Kiefer Hospital closed it’s “hospital” operations around 1980, it eventually became the City of Detroit’s Health Department.  When this happened, Herman Kiefer Pavilion #2 was purchased by Detroit Pubic Schools.  Detroit Public Schools converted into a nursing school, and became a part of the Detroit Public Schools system.  The nursing school was known as JTPA Nursing School, because the Detroit Public Schools operated the nursing school with a federal work training program known as, The Job Training Partnership Act, or JTPA for short.  The JTPA Nursing School closed in 2003 due to low enrollment.  It has been abandoned ever since 2003.

As of 2015, the former Herman Kiefer Pavilion #2/JTPA Nursing School still sits abandoned.  The nursing school has remained wide open for the past several years, allowing for anyone to enter the building.  Most of the nursing school’s supplies, furnishings, fixtures, and of course, metal, has been stolen and/or damaged since its closing in 2003.  There are no current plans for redevelopment or demolition.  The former Herman Kiefer Pavilion #2/JTPA Nursing School is part of the proposal for sale of the complex, but there have been no offers.  It is also listed for sale on the Detroit Public Schools website, where there have no offers either.