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Project Description

The Hotel Charlevoix was built in 1905 and was located at 2029 Park Avenue,  at the corner of West Elizabeth Street, in downtown Detroit.  The Hotel Charlevoix was designed in Beaux Arts style by architect William S. Joy.  The Hotel Charlevoix was only a hotel for the several years.  The Hotel Charlevoix was an eleven-story structure with an ugly, yellow and brown, brick exterior.  In 1922, the Hotel Charlevoix was converted into a commercial office building.  The Hotel Charlevoix was never one of Detroit’s most prominent building and it fell by the wayside when it came to tenants looking for commercial space.  By the 1970’s, only half of the tenants remained in the building.  By the 1980’s nearly all the tenants were gone and it seemed “doomsday” was inevitable for the Hotel Charlevoix.

The Hotel Charlevoix closed around 1987.  Since the Hotel Charlevoix closed, it sat abandoned and neglected.  Scrappers, vagrants, squatters, and vandals had hit the building pretty hard over the years.  At some point the building’s main staircase was removed, making access to the higher floors almost impossible.

The Hotel Charlevoix was demolished in 2013.

As of 2017, an empty lot sits where the historic hotel once stood.