Project Description

Nitro Graphics was built in 1928 and was originally National Automotive Fibers (NAF). National Automotive Fibers (NAF) was located at 19925 Hoover Road at the corner of East State Fair Avenue in north east Detroit. National Automotive Fibers (NAF)was located in a massive 95,000 square foot industrial warehouse that featured office space at the front of the building. National Automotive Fibers (NAF) was a two-story, brick structure, with limestone topped columns at each end that gave the building an Art Deco style façade. National Automotive Fibers was a manufacturer of upholstery, carpeting, interior trim, and other plastic products for Chrysler, Ford, Studebaker, and Packard automobile companies.

By 1960, National Automotive Fibers (NAF) became Chris-Craft Industries (most notable the maker of boats) and was moved out of Detroit. The former warehouse and building was then purchased by Nitro Graphics. Nitro Graphics was a screen printing service that specialized in creating and printing company logos, symbols, and decals for various accessories.  Nitro Graphics also specialized in embroidery, design, and painting.

In 2009, Nitro Graphics moved to Warren, Michigan and closed their Detroit office.  The Detroit warehouse and offices were left abandoned. The warehouse and offices were quickly scrapped and the building sat wide open for a number of years.

As of 2015, Nitro Graphics still sits abandoned. It has been secured, re-opened by scrappers, and secured again. There are no current plans for the dilapidated building.