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Project Description

Old Redford Bowl was built in 1927 and was originally Redford Recreation Bowling Alley.  Redford Recreation Bowling Alley was located at 22150 Grand River, near the corner of Lahser Road, in Detroit’s Old Redford neighborhood on the city’s northwest side.  Redford Recreation Bowling Alley prided itself on having 22 Brunswick lanes, automatic pin-setters, and a cocktail lounge for “league” nights.  Bowlers enjoyed many years at Redford Recreation Bowling Alley before it change owners and it’s name.

In 1980, the “new” bowling alley was renamed Old Redford Bowl, as it was named after the neighborhood that the alley was located in.  Old Redford Bowl remained another favorite place for Detroiters to enjoy a nice night on the town.

In 2001, Old Redford Bowl was damaged by a fire and temporarily closed for repairs.  Unfortunately, Old Redford Bowl would never reopen.  By 2010, scrappers, vandals, and vagrants began to destroy the former bowling alley.

As of 2015, Old Redford Bowl still stands, however, it has been boarded up and remains secure.