Project Description

The School of the Guardian Angels, also known as Brewer Elementary School, was built in 1929 at 12450 Hayes Street, near the corner of Mayfield Street, on Detroit’s east side.  Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church was a catholic parish that was built first on this location in 1926 by Michael J. Gallagher, who at the time was Bishop of the Detroit Diocese.  In 1929, the School of the Guardian Angels was built as a parochial school for the church.  The school was built right next door to the church.  The School of the Guardian Angels closed in 1987, and the parish followed in 2006. When the church built a larger and more modern sanctuary, the old church was turned into a gymnasium.  The former school gymnasium was converted into a library and later, into school administration offices.

In 1986, the Roman Catholic Church closed The Guardian Angels School and sold it to Detroit Public Schools. Detroit Public Schools opened up the former catholic school as Beulah Cain Brewer Elementary School.  Brewer Elementary School was closed in 2009.  By 2012, the school had been blown wide-open by scrappers who took the copper, the Pewabic Pottery tiles, the window frames, the lockers, and any other valuable material.  Beulah Cain Brewer Elementary School was named after Mr. Beulah Cain Brewer, who was the first African-American Principal of the Detroit Public School district.  Alumni and former students of Brewer Elementary School were known as “Brewer Bees,” as their school mascot was a bee.

After becoming a huge eye-sore, it was finally demolished in 2013.

As of 2015, a large empty lot sits where Brewer Elementary School/School of the Guardian Angels stood tall and proud for so many years.

School of the Guardian Angels/Brewer Elementary School in 2011:


School of the Guardian Angels/Brewer Elementary School in 2012: