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Project Description

Servite Catholic High School was built in 1924 and was located at 4800 Coplin at the corner of East Warren Avenue, on Detroit’s lower east side. Servite Catholic High School was originally built as St. John Berchmans Catholic Church and School. In 1927, A few years after opening the church, St. John Berchmans was already in huge financial debt so the parish was turned over to the Servite Order. St. John Berchmans still operated the school that was located in the same building as the church. St. John Berchmans School managed to hold strong over the years and continued to grow until more space was needed.

In 1949, St. John Berchman built on a huge addition to the building, as well as a brand new high school wing. The new school was called Servite Catholic High School. The enrollment and number of parishioners stayed steady over the years, but by the 1980’s the numbers began to fall.

Though the number of parochial schools in Detroit had fallen across all faiths, charter schools started to gain momentum in the 1990’s. In 1996, St. John Berchams sanctuary and school facilities were renovated and reopened as the Colin Powell Academy, a charter school. In a neighborhood with very low test scores, the school was welcomed by residents, and enrolled 200 students in its K-6 program. Students were required to follow a strict code of conduct and wear uniforms. The school was named after General Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State during the George W. Bush Administration.

In 2010, a plague of financial problems had the school in deep trouble and enrollment had reached an all-time low. It was in the same year that Colin Powell Academy closed its doors for good. The school was eventually looted and scrapped.

As of 2015, the former Servite High School still sits abandoned. There are no current plans to do anything with property, as it continues to deteriorate.