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Project Description

The Sixth Precinct Police Station was a smaller police station for the Detroit Police Department.  It was built in 1930 and was located at 6850 McGraw Avenue at the corner of Braden Street in Detroit’s Chadsey-Condon Neighborhood, on the city’s southwest side.  The Sixth Precinct Police Station was a brick, two-story structure that was designed by the architectural firm of Van Leyen, Schilling, & Keough in a Classic-Romanesque style.  The brick exterior of the building featured stone trim and an ornate stone shield City of Detroit logo that hung above the main entrance.  The floor plan of the Sixth Precinct Police Station consisted of a reception area, detective, commander, operations, and administration offices on the first floor near the front; along with the jail cells, the booking area, interrogation rooms, and a garage toward the back.  The upstairs of the Sixth Precinct Police Station had a small gymnasium, locker rooms, and even more rooms for covert operations.

The Sixth Precinct Police Station closed in 1999 due budget cuts and a resizing of the Detroit Police Department and precincts.  The building was boarded up an stayed sealed for a long period of time, but unfortunately like the rest of the abandoned locations in Detroit, it eventually fell victim to scrapping.

As of 2015, the former Sixth Precinct Police Station was purchased and is currently being restored and renovated into a computer cloud storage facility.



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