St. Benedicts School/Greater Rock Missionary Baptist Church

//St. Benedicts School/Greater Rock Missionary Baptist Church
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Project Description

St. Benedicts School was built in 1955 and was located at 5767 30th Street at the corner of Cobb Place, on Detroit’s west side.  St. Benedicts School was the parochial school for St. Benedicts Church, which was located directly across the street from the school.  St. Benedicts School was a two-story, light-brick structure that was designed in a modern architecture style.  The exterior of St. Benedicts School featured an all brick façade with a covered-entrance to the school.  Rising from the façade and serving as the tallest point of the school was an all brick tower with a giant white cross that overlooked the entire front of the school.

St. Benedicts School had a slight “U-shaped” floor plan that featured administration offices, classrooms, and an auditorium room.  St. Benedicts School kept a steady enrollment through the years, but when the church closed, naturally, the school closed as well.

In 2007, St. Benedicts School was re-opened as Greater Rock Missionary Baptist Church.  Greater Rock Missionary Baptist Church didn’t fare too well either and eventually closed in 2011.

As of 2015, the former St. Benedicts School is still abandoned.  Although their are no current plans to do anything with the property, construction crews have recently secured the school by boarding all the doors and windows.