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Project Description

The Saint Rita was an apartment building that was built in 1916 and were located at 35 Owen Street near the corner of Woodward Avenue in Detroit’s North End neighborhood, on the city’s northeast side.  The Saint Rita apartment building was a gorgeous structure that was designed in a English Renaissance style.  The Saint Rita is a six-story, red-brick structure that is accented with terra cotta arches and bordering throughout the exterior.  The Saint Rita apartment building’s roofline contains immaculate terra cotta ornaments and intricate details.  The interior lobby of the Saint Rita was just a beautiful as the building’s façade.  The lobby of the Saint Rita featured ornate plaster detail and complex designs, including a beautiful portrait of two dancers and the inscribed name “SAINT RITA” above the entrance.  The Saint Rita was considered luxurious living at the time of the building’s completion, but the neighborhood surrounding the Delmar began to drastically change…..for the worst.

By 1990, the Saint Rita had been converted into low-income and subsidized housing.  The one-time elegant building had sadly become a product of the environment.

In 2005, the Saint Rita was finally closed down.  Shortly after the Saint Rita closed, a large fire damaged much of the building’s interior.

As of 2015, the Saint Rita is currently in the process of being renovated.  The Saint Rita will be renovated into residential apartments again.  We at Detroit-ish love a good come back story and it is great to see one of Detroit’s most historic and beautiful apartment buildings come back to life.

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