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Project Description

The Ukrainian Workers Home was built in 1935 and was located at 2961 Carpenter Avenue at the corner of Mitchell Street, on Detroit’ east side, near the border of Hamtramck, Michigan. The Ukrainian Workers Home was a two-story, light-brick structure that was used as a cultural center for the Ukrainian-immigrants and community that used to live in the Hamtramck-Detroit area. The Ukrainian Workers Home featured meeting rooms, a banquet hall, an auditorium, and it even had a bar.

In the 1978, the former Ukrainian-immigrant cultural center was converted into a night club and concert venue. It was renamed the Ukrainian-American Center. Although the Ukrainian-American Center still served as a meeting place for the local Ukrainian population, it was starting to fade out as the population began to move further away from Detroit. The Ukrainian-American Center closed and moved to the suburbs.

In 1998, the former Ukrainian Workers Home was abandoned. It has been abandoned ever since. Over the past couple years the building has been wide-open, but the floors are starting to deteriorate and rot. The auditorium seems to be in decent shape, but the rest of the building is in bad shape.

As of 2015, the former Ukrainian Workers Home still sits abandoned and neglected. There are no current plans for redevelopment or demolition.

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