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Project Description

Welcome Missionary Baptist Church was built in 1958 and was located at 3730 Philip Street at the corner of Mack Avenue on Detroit’s far east side.  Welcome Missionary Baptist Church was a smaller church, with two separate congregations.  One of the congregations was in Pontiac, Michigan and the other congregation was in Detroit, Michigan.  The congregation in Detroit was outgrowing the older building and they decided to build a brand-new church directly behind the older one.

In 2008, the new church was built and the old one was abandoned.  Although it was put up for sale initially, the older church began to deteriorate as scrappers and vandals made their way into the structure.

In 2011, the old Welcome Missionary Baptist Church was demolished.  The newer Welcome Missionary Baptist Church that was built behind the former structure is still going strong, as is the Pontiac congregation.

As of 2015, the parishioners of Welcome Missionary Baptist Church decided to build a brand-new parking lot where the old church used to sit.  A nice, paved parking lot is now on the site of the former Welcome Missionary Baptist Church.

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