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Project Description

The Wellington Place was originally built in 1925 as the Seward Hotel.  The Seward Hotel was located at 59 Seward Street near the corner of Woodward Avenue, just outside of Detroit’s New Center neighborhood on the city’s west side.  The Seward Hotel was a ten-story, light-brick, u-shaped design that had 205 units.  The first floor had a lounge and bar for the residents to enjoy a nice night, while never leaving the building.

In 1970, the Seward Hotel changed names to Wellington Place when the hotel became condominiums and residential space.  By 1980, the neighborhoods had changed drastically and the Wellington Place converted their once-elegant rooms into to low-income apartments.  The Wellington Place managed to stay afloat for a few more years, but trouble was around the corner.

In 2000, the roof at the Wellington Place began to leak water and many of the apartments suffered water damage and eventually mold.  Cockroaches began to scurry under resident’s doors and trash began to pile up in the hallways.  It soon became evident that the Wellington Place was broke and in serious trouble.

In 2009, the Wellington Place finally went bankrupt in 2009.  The residents were given only thirty days to vacate the property before the power was turned off due to unpaid bills.  The Wellington Place was locked up and boarded up.  Within days of the Wellington Place being closed, it was heavily damaged and scrapped.  The building lost all of it’s windows and copper piping as thieves ransacked the entire building of any values.

As of 2017, the former Wellington Place is currently undergoing renovations to transform the high rise into affordable housing.


The Wellington Place/Seward Hotel in 2009:


The Wellington Place/Seward Hotel in 2011:

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