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Project Description

Word of Life Church was built in 1925 and was located at 7508 West Warren Avenue at the corner of American Street on Detroit’s west side.  Word of Life Church was originally built as a Detroit Savings Bank, but many of those branches began to close by the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Around 1980, Detroit Savings Bank sold the former bank to a pastor.   The pastor decided to open up a small congregation inside the former bank.  This small congregation would become the Word of Life Church.

Word of Life Church never faired to well in this location and the congregation barely survived over the years.  When the economy tanked in 2006, the church was forced to close their doors for good.  What was supposed to be a temporary closing became a permanent abandonment as vandals, thieves, and scrappers soon broke into the church and looted it of all it’s values.  Within a year, Word of Life Church was blown wide-open.

As of 2015, Word of Life Church still sits abandoned.  There are no current plans for demolition or renovation of the former church.

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