A look into the empty Michigan Central Station, Detroit, MI.
A view of the light court at the Farwell Building.
A leaky skylight was the cause of extensive damage (basically a rotten hole going through the entirety of the building) to the Fine Arts Building in Detroit.
The Brewster Towers at night.
A close up of one of the maiden statues that surround the exterior of the Book Tower.
The Broderick Tower as seen from the roof of the Metropolitan Building
The Metropolitan Building's pentouse and rooftop.
American chairs at the American Hotel.
The facade of the Lafayette Building.
A mural still hangs in the lobby of the Hotel Eddystone.
The exterior of CPA Building.
The offices on the second floor of the Hotel Charlevoix.
Textbooks and student records are scattered throughout the Book Depository.
The hair salon equipment inside the Wurlitzer Building.
The David Whitney Building top signage
The main hallway corridor inside the former Alhambra Apartments.
A fireplace in one of the rooms at the Hotel Ansonia.
An image of the Park Avenue Building. Graffiti now covers virtually all the exterior windows.
Some more of the classic movies that were onced stored in the vaults at the Film Exchange Building.
The former ballroom at the abandoned hotel.
The exterior of the Masonic Temple at night.
The GAR mosaic tile on the GAR Building's floor.
The main lobby at Clark's Motel shows the beautiful decor.
The wood-paneled lobby of the Highland Towers.
The exterior of the Capitol Park Building
The former Hotel Savarine's lobby.
A "DENTIST" sign was painted on this door of a former dentist office inside of the Capitol Square Building.
An old Meyer Jewelry clock was one of the many furnishings left behind.
The gorgeous elevator in the Harvard Square Center.
A brass chandelier hangs down from the barreled-ceiling at the former S.S. Kresge World Headquarters.  You can also see the polished-granite details and inlaid-walnut wall paneling.
Original, rare, beautiful, and historic paintings still hang in the front conference room at the Detroit Free Press Building.
A mural of some fake scenery is painted on the wall outside the hotel room to make it look as if you were in paradise.
A bar was located on the top floor of the Wright-Kay Building for parties and events.
The lobby and main hallway at the Sarasota.
The brightly-colored elevator lobby inside the Fowler Building.