A mural of Mexico and Central America was where there was once bookshelves.
The pool table and trophies were left behind in the former Lafayette VFW Hall.
The auditorium at the Eastown Theatre.
A view of the stage inside the Grand Quarters theater.
The ceiling ornaments and the stage at the Grande Ballroom.
The ceiling of the Michigan Theater.
Rooftop view of the Silverdome above what is left of the collapsed teflon superstructure.
A photo of the Aztec and Mayan-Revival themes on the walls at the Vanity Ballroom.
The SS Cloumbia and the SS Ste. Claire on the property of U.S. Steel.
The hand-painted walls on the main stairway at the National Theatre.
The United Artists Theater in 2006.
The high-rise seating that overlooks the former squash courts at the University Club.
Tiger Stadium, as seen from the roof of old Cass Tech.
Old projectors still sat in the projection booth at the Ford Auditorium.
Inside the Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum.
Plants grow in the aisle at the Highland Theater.
The proof of the donation by Chris Webber.
The boxing ring at the former Kronk Gym.
Wildflowers overtake an animal enclosure.
A look toward one of the windows inside the Mark Twain Branch.
A beautiful painting hangs above the fireplace at the former Gray Brach Library.
A bowling ball sits in one of the lanes at Old Redford Bowl.
"The Dot House" and the "Tree of Things" at the Heidelberg Project.
A view from the entrance of the Fredro/King Theater.
Another exterior shot of the Guild Theater.
A look at the chandelier hanging above the seating of the auditorium inside the Fox Theater.
The basketball court at Western Branch YMCA.
The elevated track went above the gym floor at Hannan Memorial YMCA.
A mannequin is taking the escalator down to the lower level at the Mammoth Shopping Center.
The swimming pool at Brewer Recreation Center.
The clubhouse used to have arcade machines, a pool table, and a nice cozy fireplace.
Some of the chandeliers still hang in the auditorium and stage inside the Ancient Free Mason Lodge.
A view from the main floor at the abandoned Detroit theater.
The ballroom at the Detroit Yacht Club.
A look at the pews inside the former auditorium.
A shot of the main stage at the Fine Arts Theater.
A look at the auditorium at the Ukrainian Workers Home.