The Arnold Home was a massive senior citizen complex, consisting of a medial clinic, housing, and recreation rooms.  It was located at 18520 West 7 Mile in Detroit, Michigan.  In 1899, the Reverend C. L. Arnold opened a care home on Detroit for senior citizen care and called it the "Arnold Home". ...

The 7 Mile location was built in 1931, with many additions completed throughout the years.  The Arnold Home had 4 floors with a capacity of 224 beds.  It had nursing stations for medical care on every floor, as well as recreation rooms for activities and watching television.  Through the decades, it was a well-run and highly regarded facility that took a turn for the worst when the number of residents declined and the facility become too large, too expensive, and too old to repair.

The Arnold Home closed for good in 2004.  It had on-site security for a few years after that to keep away the scrappers and vandals, but that was short lived as well.  By 2008, the Arnold Home had been looted, ransacked, and the scrapping had begun.  Since its closure, the building had been scrapped heavily and in 2011, Local 4 news in Detroit did a special report about two scrappers that were killed when part of the building they were torching collapsed on them and killed them.  The owner had made several false promises to properly secure the building and these tragic fatalities forced the City of Detroit to final demolish the building.  After several false starts, the Arnold Home was finally demolished in 2013.

As of 2015, a large, vacant lot sits where the Arnold Home used to sit.

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