Bethany Lutheran Church was built in 1888 and was located at 3672 Meldrum Street near the corner of Pulford Street, on Detroit’s lower east side. Bethany Lutheran Church was a small, two-story church that was designed in classical Romanesque architectural style. ...

Bethany Lutheran Church had gorgeous, arched windows filled with colorful stained-glass. The church also was built with a towering steeple that was later removed when the church was eventually sold. Bethany Lutheran Church featured an incredible pipe organ that overlooked the sanctuary from the upper balcony above the main entrance.

Bethany Lutheran Church had a many loyal parishioners over the years and by 1940 the congregation had started to outgrow the small church. Like many other congregations of that time, Bethany Lutheran Church eventually moved out to the edge of the city. After Bethany Lutheran Church had moved locations, the former church was put up for sale.

The former church was eventually purchased by another congregation and it was renamed Everybody's Universal Tabernacle of Holiness. Everybody's Universal Tabernacle of Holiness continued to operate the church until it finally closed around 2009. The church had sat vacant since in closed.

On June 2, 2016 strong winds blew an ember from a nearby house fire on the roof of the vacant church. Before firefighters could gain control of the fire, the roof of the church had collapsed destroying a lot of the beautiful interior. Firefighters eventually were able put the fire out and save the church from any further damage. Unfortunately, the church was left wide open to the elements....and anyone else that dared to enter. Within weeks scrappers had dismantled the organ and removed most of the church's fixtures.

As of 2017, the former Everybody's Universal Tabernacle of Holiness still sits in a half burnt state and serves as another eyesore on Detroit's east side.

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