Blaine Shul was built at 2625 Blaine in 1925 as Mishkan Yisroel Synagogue.  Mishkan Yisroel was built as a Jewish Synagogue in the once predominantly Jewish district of Detroit, an area whose core was bounded by West Grand Blvd on the south, Davison Ave on the north, Linwood on the east, and Dexter on the west. ...

There were several synagogues that were built around this time in this neighborhood, but Mishkan Yisroel was one of the most beautiful ones.  The Ten Commandments surround the Star of David at the top of the building.  The Mishkan Yisroel was designed with arched windows, in a Moorish influenced style typical of many other synagogues of its era.  Much of the Jewish population moved by the 1950's and Mishkan Yisroel, like so many others, was sold to an African American protestant church.

In its last days it was home to the congregation of God's Inspirational Kingdom.  God's Inspirational Kingdom closed in 2004 and it has been abandoned ever since.  The building is very dangerous and falling apart, as it has been wide-open to the elements for many years now.

As of 2015, Blaine Shul is still abandoned.  There are no current plans for the building.

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