The 34-story Broderick Tower constructed in 1928 and originally named the Eaton Tower stands at the southeast corner of Woodward Avenue and Witherell Street, facing Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit. The Broderick Tower was designed by famous architect Louis Kamper and built in Beaux Arts and Chicago School style architecture. ...

For over 60 years, the Broderick Tower was one of Detroit’s premier office buildings in downtown Detroit. With the exception of a restaurant and bar on the first floor, the skyscraper sat vacant since 1985. For those years it was or among the tallest abandoned skyscrapers in America. With unique and impressive views of downtown Detroit from nearly every window, made this building an excellent candidate for renovation as condos and retail space.

Work began in 2011 and by 2013 the tower is now completely renovated and occupied by tenants. Once a part of Detroit’s “circle of blight” that ringed Grand Circus Park, the tower is now another example of successful renovation in Detroit. By the end of 2011, construction crews had already cleaned out and began redeveloping the abandoned Broderick Tower.

In 2013, the Broderick Tower reopened to the public as residential lofts and apartments.

As of 2015, the Broderick Tower is going strong and serves as a beacon of hope for other abandoned buildings in Detroit to have another chances at life.

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