The Hotel Ansonia was built in 1926 at 2447 Cass Ave, at the corner of the Chrysler Freeway (I-75) Service Drive South. The Hotel Ansonia was a four-story, brick structure that served the population of Detroit’s notorious Cass Corridor neighborhood. ...

The Hotel Ansonia was another one of the rent-by-the hour, red-light district specials. The Hotel Ansonia has along history of guns, drugs, prostitution, and even murder. The front desk clerk at the Hotel Ansonia was shot and killed back in 1995. In the Hotel Ansonia’s last days, some of the rooms were used as “vouchers” for the local homeless shelter. This sure didn’t do anything to help the building stay open.

The Hotel Ansonia closed in 2006. It remains abandoned and cinder-blocked shut.

As of 2016, pizza-guru, Mike Illitch, has purchased the Hotel Ansonia and will be demolishing the iconic Cass Corridor structure, in effort to make room for his new Detroit Red Wings arena.

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