The Hotel Eddystone was built in 1924 and was located at 118 Sproat Street, at the corner of Park Avenue, in the Cass Corridor neighborhood, near downtown Detroit. The Hotel Eddystone was designed in Italian Renaissance style by noted-architect Louis Kamper. ...

The Hotel‘s thirteen floors and 150 rooms were much more of a slimmer design than any of Kamper’s other hotels. Within the first few years of the Hotel Eddystone being built, it was already in trouble. Although the Hotel Eddystone was built for Detroit hotel tycoon, Lewis Tuller, he actually went broke in the Great Depression. Lewis Tuller lost the hotel shortly after he had it built, but it managed to do very well under it’s new owners.

The downfall of the Hotel Eddystone is a well-known one. A combination of factors -including the 1967 riot; the introduction of the freeway system; white flight; businesses moving to the suburbs; and increase in blight and crime – bled Detroit of its population. In the end, Detroit ended up losing almost two-million people. Despite the City of Detroit falling apart through the 1970’s and 1908’s, the Hotel Eddystone managed to survive for longer than most. In the 1980’s, the Hotel Eddystone was converted into a transient hotel. It remained a transient hotel until it finally closed in 1998.

After the Hotel Eddystone closed in 1998, it fell victim to the scrapping, just as most of the abandoned buildings in Detroit did. The Hotel Eddystone remained wide-open for many years, but it was finally cinder-blocked shut in 2010.

As of 2017, The Hotel Eddystone still sits abandoned, however, it seems that there is good news on the horizon for the Hotel Eddystone. Little Caesars Pizza-magnate, Mike Illitch, has purchased the building and he has current plans to restore the Hotel Eddystone to it’s former glory. It will serve as a hotel anchor for the new Detroit Red Wings hockey arena that will be built next door.

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