Previously home to the Detroit Lions, Pistons and Wrestlemania to name a few. The Silverdome is a domed stadium just outside of Detroit in Pontiac, Mi. The stadium opened up in 1975 in an era of modern domed super stadiums and first closed in 2006. For roughly 20 years it was the largest stadium in the NFL and home to the Detroit Lions. ...

The Silverdome got it’s name because of the silver-like roof built of Teflon-coated fiberglass panels, and supported by air pressure inside the stadium. In addition to being home to the Detroit Lions the Detroit Pistons shared the field for 10 years ending in 1988. Soccer teams used the field and there are still practice fields on the property. In 1979 the NBA All-Star game was played here. The Silverdome hosted Superbowl XVI between the 49ers and Bengels with Joe Montana voted MVP. In 1987 the Silverdome hosted Wrestlemania III with a record attendance of 93,173.The Lions moved to their new home at Ford Field in 2001.

There was much speculation about what to do about the stadium and efforts to reuse the structure came to nothing. The stadium was auctioned off in 2009.The highlight of 2010 in the stadium was a monster truck event. Currently the stadium’s contents are being auctioned off. No realistic plan for future reuse is announced and most likely will be demolished. The infield turf is gone, many seats removed and all evidence of the dome superstructure gone.

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