St. Agnes School was built in 1917 and was located at the corner of LaSalle Gardens South and 12th Street (Rosa Parks Boulevard), on Detroit's west side.  St. Agnes School was part of St. Agnes Church (Catholic), which was located next door to the school.  St. Agnes School was a rectangular, red-brick, two-floor structure that served students from grades one through twelve.  ...

Enrollment had increased from 180 students to over 800 students by the end of 1923.  Alumni and former students of St. Agnes School were known as the "St. Agnes Panthers," as their school mascot was a panther. In 1958, St. Agnes School became an all girls school and enrollment fell back down to around 400 students.

In 1989, St. Agnes Catholic Church merged with nearby St. Theresa Avila and the church and school became "Martyrs of Uganda,” in honor of African missionaries who had been executed in 1887 for refusing to renounce their faith.  This congregation used the church and school until 2000.  Although the church would live on for a few more years, the school had finally become too old and expensive to maintain.

St. Agnes School finally closed in 2000. The former St. Agnes School has been abandoned ever since 2000.  It has been heavily looted, vandalized, and scrapped of all it's values.  Most of the furnishings, books, and fixtures have been removed. As of 2015, the former St. Agnes School is still abandoned and in terrible shape.  There are no current plans for redevelopment or demolition.

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