St. David Catholic School was built in 1924 at 8105 East Outer Drive, near the corner of Gratiot Ave, on Detroit's east side. St. David Catholic School was designed in Classic-Romanesque style, by noted-Detroit architects Donaldson and Meier. St. David Catholic School was a two-story, dark-brick structure, with two-twin peaks towers, both with stone crosses at the top, serving as the main entrances for St. David Catholic School. ...

St. David Catholic School served as both an elementary and high school for the Catholic population of the east side neighborhood. St. David Catholic School was never a large school and enrollment always remained on the low side. Alumni and former students of St. David Catholic School were known as the "St. David Aviators," as their mascot was an aircraft pilot.

In the 1970's, St. David Catholic School's enrollment dropped below one hundred students. By the 1980's, St. David Catholic School was lucky enough to get fifty students each year. For the first time since 1924, St. David Catholic School had to seriously consider closing it's school. Unfortunately, things only got worse for St. David. While the church stayed open, the school closed for good in 1989.

After St. David Catholic School closed in 1989, the church boarded the windows and doors around the first floor of the school. They painted the boards brown, so that they would "match" the dark-brown brick of the exterior of St. David. Over the years, scrappers have done a lot of damage as they stole many of the pipes and valuables from the school.

As of 2015, St. David Catholic School is still abandoned and boarded up.  The church, which is directly next door, keeps a close eye on the school.

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