Woods Cathedral Church of God in Christ opened as Visitation Catholic Church.  Visitation Catholic Church was built in 1925 at 1945 Webb Street, at the corner of 12th Street/Rosa Parks Boulevard, on Detroit's north west side.  Visitation Catholic Church was one of Detroit's largest church complex.  Visitation Catholic Church had the main church, a school, a parish house, a nun's house, and even a massive recreation center.  They were all located in the one block a radius of Webb Street, between 12th Street and 14th Street. ...

Being close to the "heart" of the 1967 Detroit riots, Visitation Catholic Church lost most of its congregation as members headed for the suburbs in staggering numbers.  Visitation Catholic Church struggled over the next several years to maintain an strong following, but eventually went broke.  Visitation Catholic Church officially closed in 1989.  After Visitation Catholic Church closed, the church reopened as Woods Cathedral Church of God in Christ.  Woods Cathedral Church of God in Christ was named after the church's founder and financial backbone, Dr. Amos L. Woods.  Woods Cathedral Church of God in Christ was not able to maintain services in the church for very long.  After only sixteen years of occupying the church, Woods Cathedral closed in 2005.

In 2014, the former Woods Cathedral Church of God in Christ sold to a developer with artist spaces and residential apartments in mind.  There was an effort to clean up the outside of the building, as well as the inside. In 2016, the former Woods Cathedral Church of God in Christ has opened up and features an art gallery.

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Woods Cathedral in 2009

Woods Cathedral in 2012